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Admission procedure documents for academic years 2017/2018

All those who have completed a Master study programme are eligible for admission to a doctoral study programme in both full-time and combined forms of study. The standard length of study is 4 years. The degree awarded on completion of the study is Ph.D.

The tuition fee for study in English is 3000,-EUR per year.

List of doctoral study programmes accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic for teaching in both Czech and English 

Full-time study

Combined study *)

Language of instruction 
in the acad. year
2017/2018 **)

Applied Sciences and Computer Engineering

Applied Mechanics (Ph.D.) Applied Mechanics (Ph.D.) CZ,EN / CZ,EN
Cybernetics (Ph.D.) Cybernetics (Ph.D.) CZ,EN / CZ,EN
Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films (Ph.D.) Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films (Ph.D.) CZ,EN / CZ,EN
Computer Science and Engineering   
Computer Science and Engineering (Ph.D.) Computer Science and Engineering (Ph.D.) CZ,EN / CZ,EN
Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.) Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.) CZ,EN / CZ,EN
Geomatics (Ph.D.) Geomatics (Ph.D.) CZ,EN / CZ,EN


*) Combined study: combination of distance study and intensive study periods at weekends
**) CZ,EN/CZ,EN : courses are taught in both Czech and English in both full-time and combined forms of study