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Doctoral Study

Admissions procedure

The Faculty of Applied Sciences and its Centre of Excellence “NTIS – New Technologies for the Information Society” are located on the University of West Bohemia campus, in a recently completed spacious building equipped with the latest technology. The Centre was established in 2010-14 through the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Research conducted both by the Faculty and the Centre focuses on cybernetics, computer science and mechanics, which are key to the development and applications of information, communication and mechatronic technologies, and on various disciplines of physics relevant to the research and development of novel thin-film materials and plasma sources. An important role is played by mathematics applied to modelling systems and processes as well as to the development of relevant mathematical structures.

Doctoral study at the Faculty of Applied Sciences is organised in two forms: full-time and combined (combination of distance study and tutorials). The combined form is intended for persons working full-time in an organisation other than the relevant Faculty. The standard length of doctoral study at FAV is 4 years with the maximum length of 7 years. Doctoral study programmes are offered in both Czech and English.

The Faculty comprises six departments (Mathematics, Mechanics, Computer Science and Engineering, Cybernetics, Physics, and Geomatics) and offers the following Ph.D. study programmes:

Full-time study

Combined study *)

Applied Sciences and Computer Engineering

Applied Mechanics (Ph.D.) Applied Mechanics (Ph.D.)
Cybernetics (Ph.D.) Cybernetics (Ph.D.)
Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films (Ph.D.) Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films (Ph.D.)
Computer Science and Engineering   
Computer Science and Engineering (Ph.D.) Computer Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)
Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.) Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)
Geomatics (Ph.D.) Geomatics (Ph.D.)

List of Courses

For details concerning the courses please contact the supervisor responsible for the Ph.D. thesis topic you are interested in. 

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